Spectacles, Tophats & Ties: David Driesbach Prints

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­­­­­SPECTACLES, TOPHATS & TIES: David Driesbach Prints, sponsored by NDAGA. In 2014-15, Minot State University received a remarkable donation from the internationally known printmaker David Driesbach. A master of visual storytelling, David’s work often draws upon his own life experiences, dreams, and imagined dramas. Colorful characters float across surreal and dreamlike scenes. Some prints hearken back to his experiences in the South Pacific during World War II, while others are more humorous recounting events such as his home phone number was one digit different than the local pizza place when he taught at Northern Illinois University. David often puts himself right in the middle of the story with round spectacles, a top hat, and a tie (a personal homage to his wife). Viewers find numerous Little Orphan Annie cartoons, American currency, and appropriations from the history of art throughout many of his pieces. With these recurring themes and imagery. David has an unmistakable style that spans back to the earliest work in the collection from the early 1950’s.


November 15, 2018 – January 15, 2019: Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls

February 1 – April 1, 2019: Holter Museum of Art, Helena

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