Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli: Act Three




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KATHLEEN HERLIHY-PAOLI: ACT THREE, sponsored by the Missoula Art Museum, is an exhibition of new work by Missoula artist Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli. These paintings express her growing concerns and anxieties about water and fire in the West. These paintings are an extension of Herlihy-Paoli’s series of theater curtain paintings. Many of these paintings include objects such as buttons or beads that are hand-stitched onto the canvas as embellishments. In this series, Herlihy-Paoli reacts to personal, political, and world events using the frame of the theatrical stage as a vehicle to call attention and reflect truths about our culture and our lives, as a mirror which she hopes “allows us to see ourselves and our society more clearly.”


September 7 – November 28, 2020: Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Bozeman

December 15, 2020 – March 15, 2021: Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls

August 2 – September 12, 2021: Holter Museum of Art, Helena

October 1, 2121 – January 1, 2022: MonDak Heritage Center, Sidney


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