The Falcon’s Eye: Nature Photography by Michael Sample

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THE FALCON‘S EYE: Nature Photographs by Michael Sample, sponsored by the Yellowstone Art Museum, is an exhibit by publisher, philanthropist, and family man, Michael S. Sample (1947-2014).  He has long been familiar to Montana audiences and, for decades, beloved for his extraordinarily sensitive nature photography. The Falcon’s Eye honors Sample’s wealth of nature photographs that he recorded during his all-season outdoor adventures. Through his photography, Sample captured the essence of Western wildlife and geography while revealing his own adventurous yet quiet nature. The subjects of his work range from the sublime view of a single wildflower frozen in an early winter snow to an epic storm over the Rocky Mountains. In retrospect, this seems an analogy for the artist’s life. The Falcon’s Eye is a cross-section of Sample’s finest work in full-color nature photography, newly and beautifully printed for exhibition.


October 1, 2018 – January 1, 2019: MonDak Heritage Center, Sidney

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